GEORGIE – NEW POST (chapter 8)!

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Girls of Virtue – Book One: GEORGIE (chapter 8)

Since they had such a full day of sightseeing the day before, Dez gave them the day off to brush up on the Cambodian language, do some serious reading in the Bible, and help the people of the village in whatever way they needed help as a show of appreciation for their hospitality. He and Bart along with Blaire visited each of the children to pray and have a short devotion with them and to remind them of the Bible study that evening.

Georgie and her group had fun helping Khamrii out. After breakfast, they went visiting with her to the sick family she was caring for. Georgie cuddled the little baby girl who clung to her. Her heart almost broke at the poor conditions they lived in. There was no running water, the floor was extra dirty, and there were cracks in the walls. Georgie could only imagine what it would be like at nights trying to sleep while battling with the mosquitoes. Khamrii directed the girls to the river to get clean buckets of water. Once they brought the water back, they had to let it settle before they could use it. Khamrii showed them how to sprinkle the water on the ground which was made of hard dirt, and sweep it without a cloud of dust flying around. Next, they wiped everything down as best they could including the walls. It was unbearably hot inside the small hut.

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