GEORGIE – NEW POST (chapter 9)!

The 9th chapter for “Georgie” has been posted! Leave a comment and tell us what you think.


Girls of Virtue – Book One: GEORGIE (chapter 9)

The next day, the Rebels headed out to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, for another sightseeing trip and to pass out more Gospel tracts. They had a surprise for Georgie; Champei would be traveling with them. Khamrii had noticed how attached she had become to Georgie and got her grandmother’s permission to go with them on the bus. Khamrii would spend the day with the grandmother.

The two girls along with the others had fun as Champei attempted to teach them the Cambodian language. They were surprised that she knew more English words than they did Khmer words. Georgie was glad to have her as her guide, but especially Cate and Elie and Diana, as they used her to explain the Gospel to the many children who crossed their path. A few of them prayed confessing their sins and asked Jesus Christ to save them and to live with them.

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