Women of the Word: Jochebed (Moses’ Mother)


We all know the story of how God used Moses to free His people from slavery in Egypt and lead them to the Promised Land; but if it was not for the faith and courage of his brave mother, Jochebed, Moses would have been murdered by Pharaoh’s army when he was just a newborn. Along with being Moses’ mother, Jochebed was also the mother of his brother, Aaron, and their sister, Miriam. Even though her appearance in the Bible is short, her story can be found in Exodus chapter 2. Her name is first mentioned in Exodus 6:20 and again in Numbers 26:59.

What can we learn from the mother of the son who was called by God to be the deliverer of Israel and the future Giver of the Law?

1. Jochebed trusted God. The Hebrews had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Jochebed could have thought that God had forgotten about them. She could have feared what Pharaoh would do to her if he found out she had saved the life of her baby boy. But Jochebed did not worry about Pharaoh. She knew that the taking of an innocent life was wrong in God’s eyes, so she took a basket, placed her newborn son inside, and set it loose on the Nile River. This required great trust. How many parents do you know who would let their baby out of their sight even for a few minutes? Not many.

Jochebed had no idea what would happen to Moses while he was in the basket on the river. But she trusted that God would watch over him, protect him, and bring him to a place of safety. Many situations in our lives will require us to trust in God too. When we are at the bottom of a staircase and cannot see the next step, we must trust God. When our dreams seem to have died, we must trust God. When faced with an impossible goal, we must trust God. When our present is stormy and our future appears dark, we must trust God.

When it came to Moses, putting him in the basket was not the only time Jochebed had to trust God. She had to trust God when Moses was in the care of Pharaoh’s daughter. She had to trust God after Moses killed an Egyptian and fled to the desert of Midian. For 40 years, Jochebed did not know where her son was. We have no idea if Jochebed was still alive when Moses returned to Egypt. We don’t know if she was among the Hebrews who finally walked out of Egypt to freedom. Jochebed had no way of knowing that the baby she saved would one day be the great deliverer called Moses. But God knew.

Like Jochebed, we are not required to know everything. God just requires us to trust Him. When we do not know the ending of our story, we need to look to our omniscient God who knows all. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Keep trusting Him.

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