“What Was I Supposed to Do, Just Let Them Die?”

The full-length trailer for the all-new Superman movie, “Man of Steel”, is out and judging from the looks of it we think its going to be a pretty epic one to watch. The trailer shows Clark Kent aka Superman as a young boy grappling with how (and when) to use his superpowers.

After saving a drowning schoolbus full of kids, his father tells him, “You have to keep this side of yourself a secret.” Clark turns to him and says, “What was I supposed to do, just let them die?”

Even though we don’t have the superhuman strength and ability to fly like Clark Kent that is a question we can all ask ourselves. When we see people who are hurting, sad, lonely, depressed or angry do we just ignore them, walk on by, act like we didn’t notice.

When our friends are drowning in depression, battling bulimia or some other ugly sickness, being bullied and beat up by others do we let them suffer alone? Do we stand on the sidelines in silence? Do we turn the other way when they cry? Do we just let them die?

When faced with this question, we should remember what God did. He could have left us struggling in this world on our own. As sinful, weak, broken creatures He could have given up on us and He could have turned His back on us. He could have just let us die.

But He didn’t.

Instead, He died for us. God sent His Son to hang on the cross, endure the pain, be shunned and ridiculed and cursed and hated so we wouldn’t have too.

Because God didn’t let us die we have life – life in abundance and life eternal.

So next time when you see someone hurting – whether you know them or not – don’t just let them die. Stop, hug them, let them know that Someone Else already did that.

They don’t have to suffer alone.

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