As Christians, Does It Matter How We Live Our Lives?

As Christians, it does matter how we live for so many different reasons. Once we accept Christ into our lives to be our Savior God through the Holy Spirit immediately begins working in us so that we will have the power to live for Him. However many Christians, including us, often find ourselves struggling to live righteously because instead of relying on God’s power, we try to change from our previous lifestyles on our own.

Properly living the Christian lifestyle may also be difficult to some because we are not fully seeking and thirsting after God with all our hearts. To live God’s way we would be forced to deny ourselves many of the things that we may enjoy. We would have to stop being self-centered and commit ourselves to following God, His Word and His commandments completely. We would not be able to just live for Christ sometimes or for only certain parts of the day but all day, every day.

It matters how we live as Christians because:

(1) We now reflect God. If unbelievers look at us and encounter a cold spirited, uncaring person they may think that that is how God is and be turned away from ever accepting Him.

(2) Unbelievers are watching. Many who are not Christians want another way to live. Many are seeking and searching for the way to Christ. When they meet a Christian, their impression of us should be a similar impression of what it would be if they met Christ.

(3) Our lives do not belong to us. Since we are now apart of God’s family we should live for Him. Our lives are not our own. We don’t live for ourselves anymore. Because we live for Someone and something greater our lives should reflect that greatness in our lifestyle and purpose.

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