Live Authentically and Be Unapologetically You


In life, do you show others the real you? Do your friends and family truly know who you really are, what you really like? Or do you live underneath a mask, smile behind a plastic shell? Authenticity is all about being real. And there is nothing more that this world needs now then people who are unafraid to be themselves, to tell the truth, and be bold.

If you aren’t real with yourself, you can’t be real in front of others. And sooner or later, people will figure out that you – their friend, their student, their sister, their daughter – is merely a fake. People don’t appreciate fake things, they fail to enjoy pretend objects, and they certainly can’t love phony people. People appreciate 100% the real deal and people want an authentic you.

Don’t listen to the voices of others or fall into another’s mold. Think for yourself. Listen to your heart. Follow your dreams. Become who you were truly born to be.

Don’t be concerned about looking good or sounding popular. Speak truth. Be transparent. Always.

The world pressures us to reject ourselves and embrace someone else. Stand in the sunlight and not in anyone else’s shadow. And fight – fight to be real, and fight to be you. Never stop.

In all your relationships: with friends, family, and strangers; and in all your communications, be authentic. In all your creativity, be original. In everything, be yourself.

“The more of me I be,
The clearer I can see.”
― Rachel Andrews

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