People Deserve Your Honesty


Do not lie to each other. – Colossians 3:9

It is never right to lie – not to yourself, not to others, and not to God. People and culture and times may change, but the fact that ‘honesty is the best policy’ never will. It is always right to tell the truth, even if that truth may hurt. It is so much better to be wounded with the truth for a moment, then to be hurt with a lie forever. Most times, telling the truth seems to be hard because lying makes itself look so easy.

To have someone to trust you means they have confidence that you will do right by them and by others. They rely on your integrity, strength, and character. So when you tell a lie, that trust is shattered and it is very hard (quite impossible), to put it back together. Whether you consider it a big one or a little one, all lies are still lies.

When you lie to people, most do not get upset that you did so, but they do get upset that they can’t trust you anymore. People deserve your honesty. You deserve the truth. All lies are worthless. In the end, we are all the same – humans – who want to be loved and accepted the way we are, we want peace and good, we don’t want lies to be behind the eyes we look into everyday.

To tell the truth about yourself to yourself, about yourself to others, about others to them, about others to others, about others to yourself takes courage. The morally weak take the low road of lying. Speak truth. Live truth. Be truth.

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