“Let It Be”


One of our favorite songs of all time is “Let It Be” by The Beatles.

Through it’s lyrics, we are reminded that life has problems and we all have to deal with trouble. We may not always understand why things turn out the way they do and that’s okay. Don’t try to fight the hard times. Just relax and stop worrying. Just let it be.

Our world is increasingly at war because we haven’t learned how to get along with one another. We fight. We kill people. We hurt ourselves. Yet we cannot always dwell on the bad things and we don’t have to accept it either. Whe have to hope. Some things have to happen so that after the war, and after death, and after all the tears have been shed a more peaceful world will become our reality.

“Let It Be” gives us hope that after the cloudy night, a brighter tomorrow will be ours to own.

One day, we will have all the answers but the wise thing to do right now, is to let it be.

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