suicide is…


suicide is senseless because God gave you the right to live. you don’t have the right to take it away. life is a gift. maybe you’ve only unwrapped half of it and found it wasn’t what you wanted. please unwrap the other half and wait to see what comes next. don’t take it for granted. don’t abuse it. please don’t kill it.

suicide is selfish because in the end it hurts those who love you more than yourself. you decide to end your life and leave them to deal with the pain of why they weren’t enough to keep you alive, the anger of why you left without saying goodbye, the misery of wondering what you could have been and what you could have done, the endless agonizing question of why. self-centered you forgot the way your mom liked to go shopping with you, forgot how your dad loved to have your help on yard work, forgot how your best friend appreciated your smile. and now they are only left with memories and the reality that they will never, ever experience that again.

suicide is stupid because it doesn’t accomplish anything. it doesn’t improve your situation. it leaves the world missing another unique somebody – a bright star that could have been, should have been, would have been – if they had not extinguished their light so soon.

to anyone, everywhere, hang in there. no matter how hard it is now or how hard it may get. you are loved. your life matters.

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