Be Strong, Be Lady-Like


This world is not as easy as a lot of kids think. You can’t expect everyone and everything to come to you as soon as you ask for it. You have to work for what you want, most of the time.

Being strong means, not breaking down at every little hurtful thing that comes your way. Being strong doesn’t mean that you have to look mean and hard and be mean and hard. You can still be kind, loving, merciful, gentle, and strong at the same time.

If a food fight breaks out in your cafeteria at your school while eating lunch, being strong and still being lady-like means, if something hits you in your head don’t throw something back at whoever threw it at you. That’s not being strong or lady-like. Just get up and go tell the principal or the cafeteria monitor – that’s being strong and lady-like. You know, being strong is not wanting to be a member of a gang when you get older – that’s the wrong kind of strong. Actually, being a part of a gang tears people down – physically and mentally.

Be tough-minded, no matter what other people say about it. If you believe that you can do something, and you believe that you have the strength to do it, you will succeed. Even if some roadblocks and problems come up, still persevere and get it done.

You should be nice and strong at the same time, because, if you are not like that, you can be too hard on people and things, and you can cause them to hate you.

Remember, be strong because God is with you and knowing that, you should have nothing to fear.

To Everything, Girl Power!

Courage is grace under pressure.
– Selected

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