Heart of Faith


For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. – James 2:26

Everyone is able to make a choice as to what kind of faith they will carry in their heart everyday. The first choice is a dead faith which really cannot be called faith at all because a heart that is dead cannot do anything. Dead faith does not show work through its action, instead it frets and worries over problems and has no patience to wait on Jesus to work. Having a dead faith drags us down and causes us not to believe in miracles and God’s grace. It changes our hearts to cold stones so we no longer feel that it is worthwhile to continue to work for Jesus and His kingdom.

However, Jesus wants us to choose the second choice of faith – which is living faith because having a dead faith is even worse than having no faith at all. A living faith does not just exist, it must work. A living faith is more than words. A living faith is action. Living faith shows obedience through obeying God and His Word and choosing to do right. It shows self-control by controlling the attitude it displays and the words it speaks. It shows virtuousness by loving others, having patience, and practicing purity.

Faith – living faith – gives us the ability to fight temptations and act wisely. It helps us stay close to God and His Son and to be strong when hard times come our way. Dead faith cannot take us to the top but a living faith can do it!

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