My Strong Tower


Have you ever felt tired of doing everyday things like homework or chores? Or have you gotten really excited about something and then found out it wasn’t going to happen at all? Maybe you awoke one day and started stressing about a really hard test. Or you may have felt too scared to go up to a stranger and tell them about Jesus. Well, do not fear because you are not alone!

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Women of the Word: Bathsheba


David and Bathsheba is one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. But most times we tend to focus on David’s sin and consequences instead of Bathsheba, who is equally guilty of committing adultery. If she had done some things differently, David might not have been tempted to sin at all. Bathsheba is mentioned in the books of 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and once in Psalm as David pleaded with God to have mercy and compassion on him despite his sin. Before getting with David, Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite who as a soldier in the army of Israel. Here are three things we can learn from the life of the beautiful Bathsheba.

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Women of the Word: Athaliah


Athaliah is mentioned several times in the Old Testament books of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. According to the Jewish Women’s Archive, she is the only woman reported in the Bible as having reigned as a monarch within Israel/Judah. She was married to Jehoram until a disease took his life; then their son, Ahaziah, became king. He was king for one year before being killed in a dynastic struggle. After her son’s death, in an act of evil revenge, Athaliah set out to kill the rest of her royal family and grabbed the throne. She was queen for six years until her reign was overthrown in the Jerusalem temple. Athaliah lived a wicked life before God and here are three lessons we can take from her.

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Women of the Word: Anna


In the days that Jesus was born in Israel, prophets were rare and prophetesses were even rarer. But that is exactly what Anna was. She is mentioned in Luke 2:36-38 as the daughter of Penuel, of the tribe of Asher. Anna was an old lady. She had been married for seven years but after her husband died, she remained a widow for eighty-four years. Because of her faithful dedication to God, she was blessed to see His only begotten Son in human form – Jesus the Christ. Here are three things we can learn from the prophetess Anna.

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Women of the Word: Ahinoam


Most of us know the story of Saul. God chose him to be the first king of Israel and he reigned over the nation for forty-two years. God used him to defeat many of Israel’s enemies. But despite his popularity, success, and riches, Saul still disobeyed God and allowed jealousy to control him. Instead of fully becoming the great king that he could have been, he spent most of his time trying to find and kill David – the young hero who had chopped off the head of the great giant Goliath.

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Women of the Word: Achsah


Achsah is mentioned in Joshua 15:16-19, Judges 1:12-15, and 1 Chronicles 2:49. She was the daughter of Caleb and later married a guy named Othniel. Here is what Achsah can teach us.

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Women of the Word: Abigail


The story of Abigail appears in 1 Samuel 25. The prophet Samuel had just died and David, who was on the run from King Saul, moved with his band of men to the Wilderness of Paran. The Wilderness of Paran was near a place called Carmel and in Carmel was a very rich man named Nabel. He had three thousand sheep and one thousand goats to feed, take care of, and keep safe. Even though they were far from home and without their families, David and his men did not steal any of Nabal’s animals. Instead they protected them.

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