The NeverEnding Story


The story begins with a lonely God who decided to create Something out of Nothing. He made glorious light. He created day and night, a vast sky, calm waters, dry land, green plants and colorful flowers – in shades of reds, pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and whites. He made the sun, the moon, the stars. He created seasons and years and time began to tick. He made the most curious creatures – tremendous land beasts, sea monsters, soaring birds. They were fast and slow, loud and quiet; jumping, hopping, crawling, flying, swimming, climbing, swinging delights. And they were all good.

And then He formed the greatest creation – man and woman. They were the center of His attention, made in His image and His likeness, and they were His ultimate love interest. God had finished His work. He had set the stage. A divine romance was blossoming. But the drama was only about to begin.

A failed power grab in the ancient heaven caused a darkness to enter the world. It was no ordinary darkness – it was a sinister darkness formed of trickery, deceit, lies, lust, and hate. This darkness gave way to sin, sin to ruin, ruin to despair, and despair to death. The perfect relationship between God and man had been destroyed resulting in a fractured romance and a hopeless reunion.

One act caused paradise to become a dystopia, faith turned into fear, security was replaced with uncertainty. Dreams, promises, and hearts were shattered. The first fellowship was broken. Hell was released on earth.

The darkness wanted this to be the end of the story. However, it was not the end.

A promise was made.

Our beautiful but doomed world could only be saved by a perfect human but there wasn’t one to be found and there would not be one – not for a long, long, long time. So the darkness took control of the earth. It found its evil way into the hearts and minds and lives of men and there it stayed and there it corrupted them. This darkness crowned kings and tore them down, instigated wars, enslaved people groups, and built mighty empires based on power, greed, injustice, hate, and blood. Always it sought to kill. Always it looked to steal. Always it destroyed.

Hope of the promise gave way to doubt. The world grew increasingly black.

And then one day it arrived. The perfect human came to earth – in a most unexpectant fashion, in the most unexpectant way. A light pierced the gloomy darkness. Hope revived. Peace returned. Love born.

And this love was born to die.

The darkness wanted this perfect death to be the end of the story. However, it was not the end.

It was a lightless day that the perfect human died – in the worst possible way. In pain. Amid spit. Thorns. Gall. Beaten and lashed. Bruised. Despised. Rejected. Smitten by the One Who loved Him most. Afflicted by those who did not deserve Him. Hated. Beaten. Lied on. Nails. Cross. Pierced. He drank every drop of the cup of God’s wrath.

And the darkness thought it had won. The story was finished. The end had come.

It had never been so wrong. For the end was only the beginning.

A promise was kept. We were saved.

The darkness was defeated. Death was conquered. A fractured relationship was repaired. The longest break up in the history of forever had been reconciled. God and man happy together again.

But even this is not the end.

The greatest love story started in the beginning. But it continues. And it is being written everyday between God and us and it will never end.


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