Women of the Word: Ahinoam


Most of us know the story of Saul. God chose him to be the first king of Israel and he reigned over the nation for forty-two years. God used him to defeat many of Israel’s enemies. But despite his popularity, success, and riches, Saul still disobeyed God and allowed jealousy to control him. Instead of fully becoming the great king that he could have been, he spent most of his time trying to find and kill David – the young hero who had chopped off the head of the great giant Goliath.

He ended up committing suicide in battle and his sons were killed by the enemy. Sometime before he died, we know he married and his wife is mentioned only once in 1 Samuel 14:50, as the daughter of Ahimaaz. Obviously, she was not a very significant person but here is one thing I think we can learn from her.

1. Ahinoam lacked influence. Influence is defined as:

the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others

While we do not know how much interaction Ahinoam had with Saul or what kind of relationship they had, I’m sure she recognized when he was slipping. Starting out, Saul was courageous in war and a generous ruler; he was tall and handsome, a born leader; and the people of Israel both loved and respected him.

Then he performed an act of disobedience against God and God withdrew His favor from him. Instead of repenting, Saul became hard-hearted, self-dependent, jealous, and revengeful. If Ahinoam tried to talk with Saul, tried to get him to obey God, tried to get him to stop hating David, then she cannot be blamed for his tragic fall. But if she stood by and watched him self destruct, then she is guilty of remaining silent.

Never doubt the power that your words and actions can have on people – for good or bad. If you see a friend turning away from God, being mean to others, or about to harm themselves; you do not have the right to remain silent.

Speak up. Speak now.

And always make sure you are an influence for the good.

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