Women of the Word: Anna


In the days that Jesus was born in Israel, prophets were rare and prophetesses were even rarer. But that is exactly what Anna was. She is mentioned in Luke 2:36-38 as the daughter of Penuel, of the tribe of Asher. Anna was an old lady. She had been married for seven years but after her husband died, she remained a widow for eighty-four years. Because of her faithful dedication to God, she was blessed to see His only begotten Son in human form – Jesus the Christ. Here are three things we can learn from the prophetess Anna.

1. Anna made the best of a bad situation. In Bible times, widows were often looked down on. They were treated unkindly, were often poor, and life was just difficult for them. But after Anna lost her husband, she did not spend the rest of her days weeping, mourning, and envying other wives who still had their husbands.

Instead, Anna turned to God. She fasted for Him, prayed to Him, and worshipped Him without fail. She did not waste time questioning why God had allowed her husband to die. Her faith in God did not diminish; it increased. She lost herself in Him and made His interests hers. We too should become living sacrifices unto God, praying for His will to be done in our lives, and drawing ever closer to His Kingdom.

2. Anna was a prayer warrior. She did not pop into the temple every now and then, Anna ‘never left the temple.’ She took her job seriously. And we can be sure that she did not pray with an unbelieving faith. Anna had powerful prayers and knew how to get a hold of God for them to be answered.

Prayer is a must for girls who seek to stay strong in God. Never underestimate the power of a woman’s prayers. God doesn’t need us to talk to Him. He wants us to talk to Him and that in itself is amazing. God shapes us, solves problems, changes people, works miracles, improves the world, and is glorified through our prayers.

3. Anna talked about Jesus. The Bible says she ‘spoke about the child to all.’ In a sense, Anna was one of the first missionaries. Before the Gospel had arrived and even while It was still a Babe, Anna was telling people about the salvation that would soon be available to all.

God has called all who believe in Him to be missionaries. This does not mean everyone has to go overseas or learn a new language or leave their homes behind. It simply means we need to be talking to others about Jesus whenever we get the chance.


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