Women of the Word: Certain Women


Throughout the life of Jesus the Christ, there were certain women who followed Him and supported His work. Even during His crucifixion they remained at the foot of His cross. In His burial and death, they still cared for Him. And even after His resurrection and ascension into Heaven, these certain women remained faithful to Jesus. Acts 1:14 tells us of the devotion of these certain women and here are two things we can learn from their examples.

1. These certain women were women of prayer. When Jesus was on earth, He taught His followers the importance and value of prayer. These certain women were not just obedient to God by praying when Jesus was with them. They were obedient in praying even when Jesus left.

We too must learn to continue in prayer. In good times and bad times, we must be prayerful. When we feel the presence of the Lord and even when He seems far away, we must be prayerful. And when we do pray, we do not do it for show. We do it with sincerity.

2. These certain women were faithful. They were committed to Jesus throughout His life, during His death, and after He left them to join His Father in Heaven. They continued to encourage the disciples, pray with one another, spread the Gospel, and care for others.

God also wants us to be faithful to Him and His Son. Being a Christian is not always easy. Just like Jesus, we may be tempted and we may be hurt and people may make fun of us but we still must be faithful to our Saviour. Be committed to encouraging others in the faith, praying with and for those who need prayer, sharing the Gospel, and caring for the needs of others. No matter how hard the way may get, stay faithful.


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