Women of the Word: Cozbi


We are told the story of Cozbi in Numbers 25:6-18. She was a Midianitish princess who entered the Israelite camp with an Israelite chief named Zimri. In God’s eyes, it was wrong for the Israelites to have relationships with non-Jews who worshipped false idols. Zimri and Cozbi knew they were wrong but they persisted in their sin. As a result, God had them both killed. Here are two things we can learn from Cozbi.

1. Cozbi had no fear of God. Most times when people do bad things, they do it in secret. They are ashamed when their bad works are brought to light. But Zimri and Cozbi walked openly into the camp of the Israelites. Cozbi knew she was a temptress, full of idolatry and immorality; yet she entered the place of God’s people proudly, as if she belonged. Because the Israelites were disobedient and still had relations with the Moabite and Midianite women, God had sent a plague that killed many of them. Cozbi was part of the cause for the deadly plague.

When we find ourselves in sin, we should not be glad about it. We should come before God and ask for His forgiveness; not because we are scared but because we respect Him, love Him, and want to obey Him.

2. Cozbi caused others to sin and caused others to die because of her sin. As a princess, Cozbi had influence but she did not use her influence for good. She used it for evil. She posed as a temptation to Zimri and when he fell for her, she caused him to turn against his God and bring sin into the camp. Her sinful presence caused thousands of Israelites to perish from the plague.

Make sure that your actions and your companionship with others does not cause them to fall. We should be a Godly, encouraging influence in the lives of others. And we should avoid sin, not only to keep ourselves out of trouble, but also to keep others from trouble.


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