Women of the Word: Elizabeth


Elizabeth was the wife of Zachariah and a cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her and her husband were both righteous people and for years they asked God to bless them with a child. They had to wait a long time but because of their faith and patience, God answered their prayers, and gave them a son. And he was no ordinary son; he was John the Baptist – the forerunner of Jesus the Christ. Here are four things we can take from the Godly life of Elizabeth whose story is found throughout Luke 1.

1. Elizabeth was righteous. Righteous is defined as (a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous. This does not mean Elizabeth was perfect. It means she had upright character and a heart that sought to obey God and do what was pleasing in His sight. According to Luke 1:6, Elizabeth walked ‘in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.’

We too need to learn to obey all the rules of God. It may not be the easy thing to do all the time. We may not understand why we have to obey certain ones. But it is not our place to question God’s laws. It is only our place to be obedient and make sure our hearts are right with Him because when our hearts are right, it will be easier for our lives to be righteous.

2. Elizabeth trusted God and had faith in Him. In Bible times, not being able to have a child was considered a shame for women. Many thought a woman must have sinned and was being punished by God if she was childless. However, we know that Elizabeth did not have sin in her life. She probably often wondered why God had not yet given her and Zachariah a child but that did not cause her great faith in Him to end. She continued to believe. Because of her trust, God did not fail her and even in her old age, He blessed her with a son.

Whether we grasp God’s plans or not, we must never stop trusting Him. Sometimes we may be praying for something to happen for a long time. Even if it takes years to come to pass, our faith in Him must not waver. We must keep on believing like Elizabeth that God will come through for us even when nothing seems clear.

3. Elizabeth was blessed, not bitter. She could have become mad at God because of her barrenness but she did not. She did not doubt Him. She did not question Him. She refused to wallow in sadness, give up hope, and approach her future in despair. Because of this, God saw it fit to bless her.

When we keep our focus on God and not our circumstances, He will bless us too. As Romans 12:12 tells us, we must rejoice in hope and be patient in tribulation. Do not grow bitter at the hard times life brings. Soon you will be blessed.

4. Elizabeth was appreciative. After praying many long years to have a child, Elizabeth did not forget to say thank you when he arrived. She appreciated God’s favor, grace, goodness, and kindness. She did not take her son, John, and forget the One Who created him and the One Who had heard her prayers. She rejoiced and praised God for giving her a son.

When God answers your prayers or provides you with a gift, do not forget to thank Him. Always remember to give God the glory for the great things He has done. Never forget that God loves you and wants the very best for your life, so when He gives you the best, don’t forget to thank Him.

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