Women of the Word: Eunice and Lois


In 2 Timothy 1, the apostle Paul addresses a young follower of Christ named Timothy. Paul tells Timothy that he is praying for him night and day and remembers the genuine faith that is in him. Genuine is another word for honest, pure, or sincere. But where did Timothy get his genuine faith from? Verse 5 says it dwelt first in his grandmother, Lois, and then his mother, Eunice. This genuine faith that Eunice and Lois had is something that we also should gain.

1. Eunice and Lois had genuine faith. These women were both Godly examples in the life of Timothy and even in an age where being a Christian was not popular, they still faithfully followed Jesus. They were not hypocritical in their faith and because they had a genuine faith, it was able to endure hardships and trials. Now the Gentile husband of Eunice was not a Christian but his unbelief did not deter Eunice from training her son, Timothy, to love and serve God.

If our Christian faith is genuine, others should be influenced by it to turn to Jesus. All that we say, do, or think in the name of our Savior needs to be sincere. Inauthentic Christianity is a huge turn off to unbelievers. Jesus always keeps it real; so should we.

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