Women of the Word: Eve (Part 1)


Eve is the first woman, introduced in the Bible as ‘the mother of all living’. Her name means ‘life’ or ‘life-giving’, or ‘mother of all who have life,’ and even to this present day, her life is in us. She plays an extremely important part in God’s story, His creation purpose, and the history of the entire world. She is the cause of life for all of humankind and the cause of death for all of humanity as well. Eve was a woman with many accomplishments who made one very grave mistake that changed the course of history forever.

Donald Davidson said: “In view of the awful judgment pronounced upon them, the man might have been pardoned if he had reproached her as ‘death,’ for it was her sin that brought death into our world and all our woe. But Adam gives her a name which is expressive of the prophetic life bound up in her. For through the seed of the woman, sin would one day be vanquished, and death would be swallowed up in victory.” What can we learn from our first mother, Eve? There are six things. Below are the first two.

1. Eve was the first of many things. She was the first (and only) woman never to be a baby, girl, or teenager – God created her as a full-grown female. She was the first wife, mother, grandmother; Eve was the first (and only) woman to come into this world without sin. She was the first seamstress, the first woman to be tempted, and the first to sin. Eve was the first woman to see the cosmos, feel the earth under her feet, breathe in fresh air, and walk with God. She was the first woman to experience pain, fear, misery, grief, the consequence of her sin, and the hope of a coming Messiah to make her wrong right.

Even though Eve didn’t have much of a choice is coming here, we can learn from her to step into first time roles with confidence. Just like God created Eve for a specific purpose, God has also created you for a specific purpose. He has put you here for a reason. He has equipped you with everything you need to fulfill it. Embrace the plan He has for your life and do not be afraid to follow the path He has laid out for you.

2. Eve was made in the image of God. Genesis 1:27 reads: “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” God could not have completed the purpose of creation without forming woman. God has feminine traits which we are blessed to share. According to Russell M. Grigg of CREATION.com, to be made in the image of God does not mean we bear His physical likeness because God is a spirit and does not have a body like a man; it means we bear His mental likeness, His moral likeness, and His social likeness.

Now when Eve decided to sin and caused Adam to sin with her, she damaged the image of God in herself and thus caused the image of God to be damaged within all of us so that we are cursed to be born in and live with the horrible effects of sin. But fortunately for us the image of God remained perfect in His Son, Jesus the Christ. Colossians 1:5 says: ‘He is the image of the invisible God’ and Hebrews 1:3 describes Jesus as ‘the express image of His person.’ When we come to salvation through Jesus the Christ, God begins to repair the damaged image of Himself in us, making us new creatures who will one day leave this corrupt world to join Him in a new ‘Eden’.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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