Let Christ Be Your First Cosmetic


Sisters of Christ, your beauty is not defined by your shape, your weight, your complexion, or the fashionable clothes you cover yourselves in. It is not made complete by the makeup you cover your blemishes with, the muscle tone of your body or your lack thereof.

Is it defined by anything a mere mirror can reflect? No, it is not.

Your beauty is defined by your faith in Jesus Christ. By the love and kindness, stemmed from the Heavenly Father who made you. Your beauty comes from within, it comes from the wellspring of life, your heart. The more you saturate your heart in Christ, the more beautiful you become. You become radiant. You start reflecting the selfless image of Christ. That is beautiful.

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Women of the Word: Five Sisters


Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah

Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah are the five sisters mentioned in Numbers 26:33, Numbers 27:1-11, and again in Numbers 36:1-12. These five sisters were the daughters of a man named Zelophehad. According to the Reformation Study Bible, Zelophehad had died without leaving a male heir, and his daughters petitioned Moses and other leaders to allow them to inherit their father’s portion in the land, and not to let his name be cut off. Because these sisters fought for their rights, they were given exactly what they asked for – their father’s portion in the land. Just as Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah fought for their rights; history is filled with hundreds of different women who fought for, declared their rights, and won. We can learn from all of them to do the same.

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6 Creative Ways to Study


1. Ask the Greatest Teacher for help
School can be tough but you don’t have to struggle through classes on your own. When you don’t understand something or have a huge paper to write, ask God to give you wisdom and knowledge. He knows all the stuff in your books, plus some.

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Women of the Word: Herodias


Among all the wicked women of the Bible, Herodias looms as one of the most cruel. She was the New Testament’s version of Jezebel. Even though both of their husbands, Herod and Ahab, were weak and wicked; Herodias and Jezebel were still the more devilish and their evil ways caused their downfall and the downfall of their men. Herodias is mentioned in the Bible in three different places (Matthew 14:3-12, Mark 6:14-24, Luke 3:19-20) for one wicked act – the beheading of John the Baptist. What can we learn from this heartless queen to avoid becoming Herodias-like in our behavior?

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Striving Toward Christlikeness


McLean Bible Church is currently in the middle of their yearly 31 Days of Prayer campaign. The devotionals they have posted each day this October have all been very encouraging but one of our favorites was yesterday’s post by John Davis which encourages us all to strive and become more like Jesus each day:

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Women of the Word: Hannah


In 1 Samuel chapters 1-2, we read the story of Hannah who was married to a man name Elkanah who loved her very much even though she could not have any children for him. Elkanah also had another wife name Peninnah who did have children. Peninnah loved to make fun of Hannah because of her childlessness and probably flaunted her kids in her face to make her miserable. Instead of being envious or growing bitter, below are three things that Hannah did which pleased the Lord and caused Him to bless her greatly.

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