Women of the Word: the Levite’s Concubine


Judges 19-20 tells one of the most disturbing stories the Bible has to offer. While most are (rightfully) upset while reading about the mistreatment and brutality shown to the woman, we should remember that the Bible tells the story of God and the story of God’s people. While God is good all the time, His people are not always good.

Adam and Eve disobeyed. Cain killed. The inhabitants Sodom and Gomorrah displeased God. Joseph’s brothers bullied. Samson broke his vow. Saul was jealous and full of pride. David committed adultery and murder. Delilah was a witch. The list goes on and on because the Bible records the truth. It tells the good, the bad, and the ugly. The story of Levite’s concubine is one of the uglier stories in the Bible. Not much description is given about the character or life of the concubine, but we can learn one thing from the unfortunate situation she was in.

1. The Levite’s concubine did not know true love. At the beginning of Judges 19, we see that this concubine left her husband and went to her father’s house. After four whole months, the Levite went to bring her back and restore their relationship. On their return trip home together, they accept the hospitality of an old man in Gibeah, but wicked men threaten them during dinner at the house they are staying in. Instead of facing the evil attack from these wicked men himself, the Levite gives his own concubine over to them. During the night, she is beaten, abused, and gang raped while her husband sleeps peacefully. In the morning, she is dead.

When the Levite sees her body lying in front of the door, he shows no remorse or care or concern. He throws her over his donkey and completes the journey back home where he proceeds to cut her in pieces. There is absolutely no excuse for what the Levite did. Instead of loving and protecting his wife, he prostituted her and gave her up to die in the most horrible fashion. He was selfish in caring for his own well-being over hers.

Even today, relationships can be tricky and getting tangled up with the wrong person happens all too often. However, unlike the concubine, we can avoid being hurt by insincere and toxic love if we stay close to God. In every area of our lives, God wants the best for us and He knows who is best for us. Don’t rush into every open arm just to be able to say you are in a relationship.

Guard your heart and wait on God because over being with anybody, you want to be with someone who loves God and loves and cares for you. Fall in love with God first. Develop a strong relationship with God so that in order for someone to get close to you, they will have to be close to Him.

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