We Aren’t Exceptions


Even before we arrived, it was pretty much guaranteed that we would make mistakes. At some point in our lives, we would end up failing at something or disappointing ourselves and others. It shouldn’t surprise us that we aren’t perfect. Imperfection is one word that describes everyone. No one is an exception.

But the good news is that our mistakes don’t make us exceptions to God. No matter how many times we do wrong, we aren’t exceptions to His mercy. Many times, when it is rightfully in God’s power to punish us, He shows compassion and gives us another chance.

We aren’t exceptions to His love, which is unfailing and everlasting. The love of God is vast and deep. There is no sin it cannot cover, no sinner it cannot save. Our mistakes don’t make us exceptions to His peace, blessings, power, or purpose.

God is not just available for a select few. He is ready to embrace us all. God is the perfect Savior for an imperfect world. He has a divine plan for everyone’s life. He cares for all of His creation. And He loves us. He loves every single one of us.

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