Women of the Word: Manoah’s Wife, Mother of Samson


She was visited by an angel of the Lord and gave birth to a real-life Superman, yet the Bible does not tell us her name. She is known only as the wife of Manoah and her story begins in Judges chapter 13. Like several other women of the Word (Elizabeth, Hannah) Manoah’s wife was barren. She could not have any children. In Biblical times, it was considered a real shame if a wife could not give her husband any children. So what did Manoah’s wife do about her situation? She turned it over to the Lord and through her belief, God brought strength out of a weak body and life out of a womb thought dead.

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Maya Penn: Fashion Designer, Cartoonist, and CEO of Maya’s Ideas


Visit Maya’s Ideas online at: www.mayasideas.com
Twitter: @MayasIdeasShop | Facebook | YouTube

from Hello Beautiful:

Maya Penn is not your average 13-year-old; she’s a fashion designer, cartoonist and the CEO of her own company.

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Raquel and Deborah of ‘Neon Plus +’: Music Is What They Live For; Jesus Is Who They Live For


Learn more about Neon Plus+ at: www.neonplusmusic.com | Twitter: @neonplusmusic


from NeonPlusMusic.com:

The two European sisters, Kelly (Raquel) and Deb, form the Christian Electronica Dance duo Neon Plus +. They currently reside in Minnesota. They are the daughters of foreign missionaries. Neon Plus + has toured Europe and across the United States performing their high energy Electronica Dance music and also play acoustic sets.

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