Women of the Word: Dinah


One of the most unfortunate stories in the Bible is found in Genesis 34 which tells of the rape of Dinah. Dinah was the daughter of Leah and Jacob. When her family moved to the land of Canaan, the prince of the country named Shechem, saw Dinah and kidnapped her and violated her. Later, he tells his father that he wants to marry Dinah because Genesis 34:3 says ‘his soul was strongly attracted to her’. Dinah’s brothers, however, are fighting mad over the way their sister was treated. Using circumcision, they trap all the men of Shechem’s city and kill them.

The Bible doesn’t tell us how Dinah feels or reacts about her situation. In fact, she is never mentioned again. Dinah’s story is a really complicated one. What Shechem did to her was really wrong. At the same time, what Dinah’s brothers did to Shechem and his city was equally wrong. The Dinah incident should show us that women, wherever they are in the world, should be valued and respected.

1. Dinah shows us that bad things sometimes happen to innocent girls. There is a lot that is bright and beautiful in our world. There is also a lot that is dark and ugly. In places around the world like India, Africa, and Mid East countries, girls are still looked down on, denied rights, mistreated, sold, and abused. Even in Western countries, including America, girls are kidnapped and violated every day.

Girls aren’t things put here to be played with, misused, and abused. We are people with hearts that can hurt and souls that can soar inside of bodies that are beautiful. Genesis 1:27 reads: “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Girls are made in the image of God to love and be loved. Our uniqueness should be celebrated and respected, not assaulted.

Unfortunately, even though we live in the 21st century, not much has changed in our world regarding this matter since Dinah’s day. Our world is irreparably broken. It won’t be fixed until Christ returns. If we do find ourselves in a situation like Dinah’s, be assured that God does not turn a blind eye. Isaiah 30:18 says: “For the Lord is a God of justice.”

Man hurts. Jesus heals. In Him is found hope and forgiveness, comfort and mercy, cleansing and completeness.

Jesus cares for you.


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    • Thank you for your comment, Michele. I believe we can be thankful that God included such unfortunate, but true accounts in His Holy Word, as many women today who find themselves in similar situations can know that they are not alone. Even though we may not always understand why bad things happen, God is certainly in control, His way is certainly perfect, and He is able to bring good out of every situation.

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