All That Is Wrong Is Normal


At the GREAT urging of my little sisters, I’m almost finished reading Rise of the Dibor – book one in Christopher Hopper’s White Lion Chronicles trilogy. So far, my favorite character is Hadrian.

This is not a review of Dibor. Even though I don’t mind reading other people’s reviews, I absolutely hate writing reviews and critiques of my own.

What makes Dibor a good read is the focus Christopher Hopper places on unseen things – feelings, emotions, and sensations that we experience too often in our world.

So you’ll better understand what I’m writing about, here’s the basic back story. Dibor‘s main character, Luik, his romantic interest, Anorra, and the rest of their friends live in a perfect world called Dionia.

Dionia is kind of like how our world was before the Fall. Everything is full of life and vitality, and everyone lives in peace and harmony. The presence of the Most High is intimately felt, and all of creation is deeply in love with the Creator. All thoughts are good; all feelings are positive, and everything is awesome (shout-out to LEGO) until it isn’t.

An evil called Morgui has entered Dionia. With Morgui’s arrival, Luik and his friends are suddenly faced with a horde of dark emotions they have never felt before, and before they even attempt to defeat Morgui, they must fight to keep these emotions from destroying them.

Fear. Anger. Rage. Pride. Bitterness. Revenge. Death.

When Luik and the others first hear these words they struggle to understand what they mean. Unfortunately, we’re born into a world where these words and the presence of these words are normal. They were not always and they should not be now, but they are. It is our duty to fight against the evil that we cannot see unless it takes root in our hearts and turns us into something we were never meant to be.

The realest things in life are those that cannot be seen, but sensed.

Fear cannot be seen, but we know when it is around because we can feel it. Fear should frighten us, not because it has power but because it leaves us powerless. Fear paralyzes. FDR said it well, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear prevents us from moving forward. It keeps us from speaking out against things that are wrong and standing up for things that are right.

We have no reason to fear because we are loved with a perfect love that casts out all fear. God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but of power and love and courage.

Darkness often cloaks itself in light and beauty. Lies come wrapped in truth.

All that is wrong has become normal in Earth, but it must not become normal in our lives.

The greatest battles are not fought and won on fields, but in our hearts.

Now I’ll get back to reading to see how this story ends 🙂

Visit Christopher Hopper online:, @find_ch

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