He Made a Miraculous Catch of Fish


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #8

John 21:1-11

Jesus’ disciples had gotten together and decided to go fishing near the Tiberias sea. However, they caught nothing that night. The next morning, Jesus (who was on the shore) told them to throw their nets to the right side of the boat, and they had a great catch of fish. Such a great catch, that they were unable to lift the net into the boat.

This last sign miracle shows Jesus’ deity over everything including the seven things mentioned above. He had conquered death and now was no longer limited by the nature of man or dependent upon God to perform miracles. This great haul of fish was an example of the service the disciples would yet perform in being fishers of men and casting the net of the Gospel of Christ into the sea of nations to see the salvation of souls.

Image credit: teachingthem.com

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