Gabrielle Jordan: Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist


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“When I reflect back on my life, I want it to be filled with big dreams, big actions and big accomplishments and that’s what I want for others,” says Gabrielle Jordan, the flourishing 14-year-old with a mature, yet youthful mix of brilliance, business-savvy and poise.

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Women of the Word: Sapphira


Sapphira’s story is a sudden and a sad one. She can be found, along with her husband and partner-in-crime, Ananias, in Acts chapter 5. They lived during early A. D. days when the Christian church was getting started in Jerusalem. The resurrection of Jesus the Christ had just taken place, the apostles had been filled with the Holy Spirit and were practically on fire for God, many signs and wonders were done, and people were getting saved and being added to the church daily.

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Isabella Rose Taylor: Fine Artist and Fashion Designer


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via Good Morning America, Stephanie Tuder

At age 13, most people are trying to get homework done while maybe juggling playing a sport, with hanging out with friends in between. Not so for Isabella Rose Taylor, who made her debut at New York Fashion Week on Thursday.

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I Will Carry You


Even to your old age, I am He,
And even to gray hairs I will carry you!
I have made, and I will bear;
Even I will carry, and will deliver you.
– Isaiah 46:4

God carries His children. Even before we were born, God was carrying us. He is carrying us now and has promised to continue to carry us into our old age and beyond.

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Women of the Word: Samson’s First Wife


The story of Samson is told in the books of Judges. Most of us know about his infamous Philistine lover, Delilah; but before Delilah Samson had fallen in love with and married another Philistine woman. The Bible does not give her name, but some of the details of this failed relationship are given in Judges chapter 14.

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Haile Thomas: Health Advocate, Motivational Speaker and Jr. Chef


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via The Oprah Magazine, By Abbe Wright

Find out how a 13-year-old’s love for cooking and educating others led to face time with Michelle Obama and helped her start her own not-for-profit.

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