Women of the Word: Solomon’s Wives and Concubines


Solomon is known as the wisest man who ever lived which is what makes his downfall so shocking and sad. Nehemiah 13:26 tells us that “among many nations there was no king like him, who was beloved of his God; and God made him king over all Israel. Nevertheless pagan women caused even him to sin.” Read all about this unfortunate happening in 1 Kings 11:1-8.

What would cause a rich and mighty man like Solomon to succumb so easily to his lusts? What would cause so wise a man like Solomon to be so foolish? All throughout the book of Proverbs, Solomon warns “simple ones” to beware of the loose woman whose house is the way to Hades. Why did he not listen to his advice? Solomon laments in Ecclesiastes that he could not find one good woman. Why was he bothered with 1000 bad ones? What would cause a man who built a beautiful temple for God to turn away from Him? The love he had for his many, many, many wives and girlfriends. That’s what.

With Solomon’s women, we find something that we should never be guilty of doing.

1. Solomon’s wives and concubines turned his heart from the Lord. The main reason Solomon’s heart was turned from the Lord was the fact that his wives were pagans. They did not believe in the one true God. Even though these women were the cause, the fault mainly lies with Solomon. He should never have gotten involved with them.

These women show the influence that one can have on someone else’s faith. Even though we aren’t pagans, as Christians we should be aware that our behavior can either help bring people to Christ or keep them away from Christ. People who are not yet believers do not just listen to our words; they also watch our actions.

Our faith should make a difference in our lives. Jesus inside of us should cause us to love more and hate less, forgive all and have malice toward none, and care for others more than ourselves. If our lives do not clearly reflect Jesus, if we are not a light in a dark world, our faithless behavior may influence new Christians to question their own belief in God and cause non-believers to never seek God at all.

We are put on Earth as God’s representatives. When others look at our lives, they expect to see a picture of Him. May God help us not to be a stumbling block to those in search of Heaven and the reason hearts turn away from the Lord.

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