Faith of Our Fairy Tales


So most everyone knows by now that we love stories. Love is an understatement. We really love stories (especially ones that include fighting Wizards and fearless Hobbits) … but we like fairy tales, too.

Who doesn’t like a fairy tale?

A BIG shout out to Disney here for refusing to let the fairy tale magic die! Beauty and the Beast is still one of our favorite animated movies ever (looking forward to seeing how the live-action one turns out). Along with Tangled, a hairtastic twist on Rapunzel. Certainly, no one can forget the mega-hit that goes by the name of Frozen … got a feeling it’ll be a long time before we let it go. And who else is excited about the new live-action take on Cinderella?

Okay, enough raving … fairy tales are way awesome! But what makes them so awesome?

Maybe there is more to these stories than wicked stepmommas and distressed damsels and dashing princes. Many people are quick to dismiss fairy tales as … well … fairy tales.

We know that real life doesn’t begin with “Once upon a time” and we know that real life doesn’t end with “Happily ever after,” but it’s hard to shrug off something that has had and continues to have strong influence over our lives. Here’s what author Natalie Nyquist had to say about fairy tales:

The fairy tale is not the conclusion, but the doorway to a more brilliant reality. Pushed onto a pedestal as the final answer their worth is misshapen and distorted. The world’s story may end with a couple living happily ever after but our life in Christ enables the intimacy of the human relationship to illuminate an eternal perfection. In a balanced perspective, neither denigrated nor exalted from their intended place, fairy tales are a lovely and exhilarating part of life.

Fairy tales push faith over fear. Fairy tales don’t negate the fact that evil exists; fairy tales show that evil can and will be defeated. Fairy tales let us know that being good is better than being great, kindness and courage always win the day, and love is always stronger than death.

Starting with a collection by the Brothers Grimm, we’re positive that looking at fairy tales through faith-filled goggles will only increase our love for these stories. We hope it does the same for you 🙂

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