Women of the Word: Abigail’s Five Maidens


In examining the life of Abigail from her story in 1 Samuel 25, we found out she was smart, intelligent, brave, submissive, trustworthy and confidently humble. She prevented a revenge attack from the mean actions of her first husband, Nabal, and won the heart of David. 1 Samuel 25:42 says, “So Abigail rose in haste and rode on a donkey, attended by five of her maidens; and she followed the messengers of David, and became his wife.” We don’t have any specifics on them, but what can be learned from the five maidens?

1. The five maidens of Abigail were not jealous of her good fortune. Knowing she had been married to a foolish acting man for so long, Abigail’s maidens were probably elated for her. You go, girl! That guy who killed the giant Goliath is so in love with you!

“Attended” in this case means to take care of. Abigail’s maidens didn’t just ride out with her to meet David. They made sure she had everything she needed to start a new life with him. They helped her prepare for her wedding and assisted her in looking her best for her new man.

When we see others being blessed, our attitude towards them should be one of joy, not jealousy; excitement, not envy. Carol Ruvolo describes envy as being “acquisitive, resentful, and selfish; it is always bad. It wants what others have simply because they have it, bears grudges against those who have what it doesn’t, and accuses God of being unfair.”

Jonathan Edwards said: “Envy is a spirit of dissatisfaction or opposition to the prosperity or happiness of other people.”

Abigail’s five maidens weren’t sitting around wondering why she was a bride (again) and they weren’t. And neither should we ever sit back and ask why someone has this or that and we don’t, why someone looks a certain way but we don’t, why someone can do something and we can’t. God has more than enough blessings for everybody, but He won’t be giving much to those who find misery in the happiness of others.

Now, the Bible doesn’t say and we’ll probably never know, but I’m guessing that Abigail’s five maidens were well rewarded for happily helping their lucky lady. I mean, out of all the hundreds of men who were with David, a good number of them had to be bachelors.


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