1 Year In God’s Word: Day 235 — 1 Chronicles 23-25, 1 Corinthians 14:26-40


1 Chronicles 23
Focus Verse: And so the Levites carried out their responsibilities for the tent of meeting, for the Holy Place and, under their relatives the descendants of Aaron, for the service of the temple of the Lord. (32)

The Levites had some serious responsibilities and they were faithful in carrying them out. We too are in the service of the Lord. God has called each of us to serve in some place, some way. Will it be said that we were consistent in carrying out our God-given responsibilities?

1 Chronicles 24
Focus Verse: This was their appointed order of ministering when they entered the temple of the Lord, according to the regulations prescribed for them by their ancestor Aaron, as the Lord, the God of Israel, had commanded him. (19)

The Levitic priests had an appointed order for when they entered the temple to minister before the Lord. They also had specific duties which were not based on favor or position or talent, but on lot.

1 Chronicles 25
Focus Verse: Along with their relatives—all of them trained and skilled in music for the Lord—they numbered 288. (7)

God was not only concerned with the priestly duties of the temple, but also with the musical duties. And as we will see in the early chapters of 2 Chronicles, He was also concerned about the design of the temple. This shows that God is not only a God of truth and goodness, but also a God of beauty. He is vibrantly at work in the arts and if we allow our eyes to see and our ears to hear, we will experience His glory not only in the preaching, but also in the singing and the painting and the dancing.

1 Corinthians 14:26-40
Focus Verse: For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people. (33)

When followers of Christ meet together for worship, everything in the service should be done decently and in order. God does not like confusion and chaos, but peace. Even in our personal lives, we should do things in good order.


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