1 Year In God’s Word: Day 253 — 2 Chronicles 27-28, Acts 19:1-20


2 Chronicles 27
Focus Verse: He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, just as his father Uzziah had done, but unlike him he did not enter the temple of the Lord. The people, however, continued their corrupt practices. (2)

Our doing right may not always influence others to do right. But that does not mean our doing right is done in vain. Jotham was not a failure because he could not get the people he ruled to stop practicing corruption. He was a success because he did not let himself be sidetracked from the path of righteousness by the evil of others. Verse 6 of this chapter says, “Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the Lord his God.”

2 Chronicles 28
Focus Verse: In his time of trouble King Ahaz became even more unfaithful to the Lord. (22)

Times of trouble should not push us farther away from God, but nearer to Him. When He allows bad things to happen, it is not because He hates us, but because He loves us. In the middle of every trial is a lesson. At the end of every trial is a blessing. Peter Marshall said: “God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty.”

Acts 19:1-20
Focus Verse: God did extraordinary miracles through Paul. (11)

God was able to do extraordinary miracles through Paul because Paul was willing to let God use his life in such a way. He was totally sold out for Christ and His Kingdom. Talk about commitment – Paul was repeatedly beaten, flogged, imprisoned, stoned and shipwrecked – all for the sake of the Gospel. God desires to do extraordinary things though us too, but He will not force His power on someone who does not want to be used by Him. God can only work in, through and with willing vessels who are dedicated to Him.


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