Review: “Climbing With Abraham” by David Ramos


I recently had the opportunity to read Climbing With Abraham by David Ramos. Like many people, the first time I heard the story of Abraham was when I was a kid. I’ve heard it and read it several more times since then, but Ramos’ book has given me a fresh look at Abraham’s life, legacy, and faith. It has also given me a better understanding of the promises of God and how they are fulfilled in our lives.

Since Climbing With Abraham is a thirty-day devotional, I was going to take my time and read one devotional a day, but I found myself reading five to ten devotionals in one setting. Then I would go back and reread them. The most important thing I took away from Climbing With Abraham was from Day 1. “A Bigger Story” reminded me that I do not live for myself alone. I am a part of the story that God is writing – a story that is much grander than I could ever imagine, and a story in which the lives of billions of people past, present, and future influence and intersect with one another. Abraham couldn’t see how his life and legacy would be impacting people like you and me all these years after his death. I am not able to currently see how my life will impact people in the future, but my faith isn’t just about me. As Ramos writes, “our faith impacts the faith of others” and “our stories continue beyond us.”

Another powerful devotional was Day 20. It’s easy to think that God wants perfection from us (after all, He is a perfect God). But “Our Messy God” is a reminder that God doesn’t shun us when we screw up. When we make a mess of our lives through bad choices, God doesn’t run away from us. He runs to us and immediately begins working to clean us up and clean up our situation as well. Our faults cannot stop God’s faithfulness.

Step by step, Ramos walks through the life of Abraham. Reading his book has encouraged me to grab hold of the promises of God and hold tightly without wavering no matter how long they take to be fulfilled. Climbing With Abraham has also increased my faith and assured me that God will provide all that I need. As the life of Abraham clearly shows, God’s actions are never against us. If we are obedient and faithful to His will, even when it doesn’t make sense, He can use us to be a powerful force for change on earth.

Any believer who needs their faith in God renewed or strengthened should read Climbing With Abraham. Any believer who needs to be reminded that the promises of God are real, and each and every one of them will come to pass should read Climbing With Abraham. Anyone who would just like a fresh look at the life, legacy, and faith of the first patriarch should read Climbing With Abraham.

Ramos’ writing is clear, convincing, and at times, convicting, but it is one of the best Old Testament character devotionals I have read. I look forward to David Ramos’ future works.

About the Author
David Ramos is a Christian author and teacher passionate about communicating the life-changing truths found in the Old Testament. He has a degree in Classical and Medieval Studies and is currently finishing a Master’s in Religion (Biblical Studies) at Ashland Theological Seminary. When he’s not writing you can usually find David chasing down the newest food truck or helping his fiancé Breahna plan their wedding (2016).

David and his library currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio.

Visit his website at or follow him on Twitter @ramosauthor.

Title: Climbing with Abraham: 30 Devotionals to Help You Grow Your Faith, Build Your Life, and Discover God’s Calling
Author: David Ramos
Publication date: November 2015
Pages: 86
ISBN: 978-1518882074
Price: Print – $4.99, Digital – $0.99
Where to buy: Amazon | Amazon Kindle | Barnes and Noble


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