Taylor Swift Theology


It’s no secret: Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars of our time. Since 2006, she’s released five studio albums with numerous chart-topping singles, racked up a huge number of awards, and thrown spectacular world tours. Besides her musical success, there’s a lot to love about the Pennsylvania girl who was born in 1989 – just ask any Swiftie. For one, she has beautiful eyes. She’s fearless. She’s no longer fifteen. She isn’t 22 any more either. She isn’t mean. She likes red. We know she isn’t trouble. She knows how to shake it off. And it doesn’t look like she will be going out of style any time soon.

For these reasons and many more, we’re starting a new blog series similar to Faith of Our Fairy Tales. Instead of spiritualizing stories, we’ll be spiritualizing songs. One of the great things about music (and movies, art, and nearly everything else that’s creative), is that thousands of people can listen to or watch the same thing and each of them can walk away with different interpretations of the message.

What can Taylor Swift’s songs teach us about God, goodness, faith, and loving one another? We’ll soon find out. Our first post in the Taylor Swift Theology series will be published next week.

Until then, stay beautiful.


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