G Hannelius: Actress, Singer/Songwriter, and “Make Me Nails” Co-Creator


Visit G online at: www.ghannelius.com | www.makemenails.com
Twitter: @g_hannelius | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

The story of Make Me Nails started over a coffee between Actress and Singer/Songwriter G Hannelius and Digital Marketer Lauren Jones.

Despite already having a successful acting career and a blossoming music career by the age of 15, G was looking for a new project that would satisfy both her budding entrepreneurial spirit as well as her love of nail art. Lauren, co-owner of Jones Social PR, a Social Media, Public Relations and Digital Marketing agency, was looking for a new venture that would take advantage of her equally strong entrepreneurial spirit as well as her obsession for sharable content. When the conversation turned to G’s successful series of YouTube nail art tutorials, they both realized that there might be an incredible untapped opportunity in the world of customizable nail art that combined both of their loves.

What if there was a sharable platform for creating personalized, high quality nail wraps?

Together, they immediately formed Make Me Nails. For the first time ever, customers would be able to create individual personalized nail wraps easily via an iPhone app, using images from their personal libraries, from their social platforms, or from celebrity ambassadors.

But G and Lauren didn’t just want to make high quality customizable nail wraps, they also wanted it to be fun and easy for everyone. This led the pair to reach out to Watson Creative, an industry leader in business design and branding, to help develop the app and provide business expertise and guidance. The next step was to make sure that the nail wraps themselves would be of the highest quality possible. In order to ensure this, they forged a partnership with MINX Nails, the industry leader in high quality custom nail wraps.

Now, armed with the help of two of the biggest names in their respective industries, G’s obsession with nails and Lauren’s tireless entrepreneurial spirit, Make Me Nails is ready to revolutionize the world of nail art.

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