New Testament In a Year: February 1 – Matthew 21:1-22


Matthew 21:1-22
(1-11) The Triumphal Entry
Our King came to us in humility. Even though He was perfect, He did not think of Himself more highly than He thought of us sinners. He put others before Himself, and He was obedient to His Father and loving, even unto death.

(12-17) Jesus Cleanses the Temple
A lot of hoopla has been made in recent years about so-called “cool” churches and “celebrity pastors.” Personally, I think it’s fine to dress in the latest fashions, reference pop culture in sermons, and hold attractions around movies, music concerts, or sports in the sanctuary. The church only goes wrong when we push Jesus to the side instead of keeping Him at the center. When the church becomes a party house for Christians, instead of a house of prayer and healing for sinners, then we have forgotten the purpose for which we exist. When we are more concerned about money than souls, we have forgotten Whom we serve.

(18-22) Jesus Curses the Fig Tree
John Wesley said, “God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.” We cannot just pray and leave it at that, we must have faith that God will do for us what we request, and that we will receive what we ask for.

Favorite verse: (22) And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”


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