New Testament In a Year: February 8 – Matthew 24:29-51


Matthew 24:29-51
(29-31) The Coming of the Son of Man
Everyone will know about the second coming of Jesus the Christ. The sun, moon, stars, and all cosmic matter will announce it. Why will some people mourn at His sudden return? For those who are unbelievers, they will mourn because their rejection of Him will bring judgment.

(32-35) The Lesson of the Fig Tree
As we read in the following passage, no one knows the exact day or hour of Jesus’ return. The angels do not know. Even Jesus does not know. Only God knows. However, Christ Himself has given us signs so we will know when that great day is near. We can take God at His Word because it will never pass away.

(36-51) No One Knows That Day and Hour
The second coming is seen by many as a big joke. Because there has been so much hype and so many false predictions regarding it, some no longer believe it is something that is really going to happen. But Christ urges us to always be ready, because He will come suddenly when the world least expects Him.

Favorite verse: (35) Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.


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