Crystal Sanchez: Creator, CEO of Guardian Locket


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A high school senior entrepreneur invented a device named the “Guardian Locket” designed to help women who are in danger of getting sexually assaulted.

The device could possibly save countless lives, by alerting authorities and loved ones of the wearer’s location.

“We live in a world where one out of three women has a chance of being sexually assaulted,” inventor Crystal Sanchez, then 18, recently said in an interview with local CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles.

The locket uses a cellular chip to alert loved ones and the police that the person wearing it is being attacked using a discrete button on the back of the locket. Sanchez came up with the idea after learning that one of her friends was raped and focused her senior thesis requirement for high school graduation from the Environmental Charter School on sexual assault on women.

She told CBS that her advice for fellow, young entrepreneurs is to “look for an injustice in your community and then go out and change it.”

Click here to read the full story about Crystal.

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