New Testament In a Year: March 11 – Mark 13:1-20


Mark 13:1-20
(3-13) Signs of the Close of the Age
There are some Christians who are hung up on the end times. They constantly proclaim doom and gloom. Every negative event or natural disaster that happens is a “sign” that we are closer to the second coming. Every questionable world leader who rises to power is labeled as being the antichrist.

Yes, we should live expecting Jesus the Christ to come back at any moment, but Christ Himself tells us “do not be alarmed.” There will be earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, famines, and many false Christs, but the end is not yet. Before Christ returns and before the end comes, the Gospel must FIRST be proclaimed to all nations. If we are really eager for the end times to take place quickly, we should be engaged in fulfilling the Great Commission instead of wasting time speculating.

Favorite verse: (10) And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.


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