New Testament In a Year: March 28 – Luke 5:1-16


Luke 5:1-16
(1-11) Jesus Calls the First Disciples
In this passage and throughout the Gospels we read of how “the crowd(s)” gathered about Jesus, pressed in on Him, and rushed to witness Him speak whenever they had the chance. They were eager to hear the word of God; and not only hear it, but see it too. The crowds had the opportunity to literally see Old Testament prophecy being fulfilled, and they were able to see much of the New Testament being written right before their eyes.

Today, we have the entire Bible before us and can read it whenever and wherever – in print, on the computer, on a tablet. But if we’re not careful, the words of Jesus that appear in red and the words that appear in black, can cease to be exciting and fail to impact our lives in the way that they should. May we be as eager as the crowds to not only hear, but also receive and believe the word of God.

Favorite verse: (16) But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.


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