New Testament In a Year: March 29 – Luke 5:17-39


Luke 5:17-39
(17-26) Jesus Heals a Paralytic
Nothing could keep these men from getting their friend before the only One who could heal him of his paralysis. We should be just as determined to get our friends (and strangers) to know Jesus the Christ, who is the only One who can fill empty souls and make broken hearts whole. These men had faith that Jesus would physically heal their friend. We must also have faith that He will give spiritual healing to those in our lives who need it.

(27-32) Jesus Calls Levi
In Jesus’ day, tax collectors were generally hated and despised by the Jews. But by inviting people like Matthew and Levi to follow Him, Jesus showed that no one is ineligible for salvation and becoming a disciple of His. No matter ones occupation, education level, or financial status, Jesus invites all people to come and follow Him.

Favorite verse: (32) I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”


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