New Testament In a Year: April 6 – Luke 9:18-36


Luke 9:18-36
(21-22) Jesus Foretells His Death
Jesus lived each day with the knowledge of His death. Each miracle, each teaching, every boat ride with the disciples, brought Him one step closer to the cross. Never did He shrink back or falter in fear at fulfilling the purpose His Father had sent Him to do. We too should live with death in mind, not as a point of fear, but as a reminder for us to be about our Father’s business and do all we can for God before we meet Him face to face.

(28-36) The Transfiguration
Moses and Elijah had already been in Heaven with Jesus, and now they appeared on earth with Him in their glorified states. When we die, we will immediately be translated into glory with Christ and will shine in glory with Him just as Moses and Elijah did during the transfiguration. We are told that these three talked about Christ’s departure. Matthew Henry writes:

The death of Christ is here called his exit, his going out, his leaving the world. Moses and Elias spoke of it to him under that notion, to reconcile him to it, and to make the foresight of it the more easy to his human nature. The death of the saints is their exodus, their departure out of the Egypt of this world, their release out of a house of bondage. Some think that the ascension of Christ is included here in his departure; for the departure of Israel out of Egypt was a departure in triumph, so was his when he went from earth to heaven.

Favorite verse: (35) And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, my Chosen One; listen to him!”


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