New Testament In a Year: April 21 – Luke 17:1-19


Luke 17:1-19
(1-4) Temptations to Sin
We must forgive others no matter how many times they wrong us because we have been forgiven by God. If we are truly repentant each time we sin and ask God for forgiveness, He always forgives us. He never holds back.

(5-6) Increase Our Faith
One of my daily prayers is for God to increase my faith and decrease my doubts. I want to fully believe and accept the fact that ALL things are possible with God.

(7-10) Unworthy Servants
Even on our “good” days, when we do everything right, avoid succumbing to temptation, and obey all that God tells us to do, we are still unworthy servants. We have only done our duty. Our best does not make us worthy of Christ’s goodness and grace. His righteousness alone does that.

(11-19) Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
After we call on Jesus for help and healing, let’s not forget to thank Him when He answers us.

Favorite verse: (5) The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”


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