New Testament In a Year: April 26 – Luke 19:28-48


Luke 19:28-48
(28-40) The Triumphal Entry
God made people to praise Him, but I think that nature has us beat. Every ocean wave, every sun burst, every star twinkle, every blooming flower, waving tree branch, exploding volcano, towering mountain, booming thunder, drop of rain – all of them sing the praises of God’s glory. Some of the Pharisees wanted Jesus’ disciples to stop praising God and rejoicing over His Son, but Jesus said that if they went silent, the stones themselves would cry out. All of Creation should be about the work of giving God the praise He deserves, and those of us who are made in His image, most of all.

(45-48) Jesus Cleanses the Temple
The chief priests, scribes, and other religious leaders sought to shut Jesus up, but they could not because all the people were hanging on His every word. We too must hang on to the Word; it is our lifeline. Doubt it, disobey it, let it go, and we die. Believe it, obey it, cling to it, and we live forever.

Favorite verse: (40) He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”


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