New Testament In a Year: May 7 – Luke 24:36-53


Luke 24:36-53
(36-49) Jesus Appears to His Disciples
When Jesus appears to His disciples, He reminds them to believe and to have confidence that everything written about Him in the Scriptures will be fulfilled. Many of the prophecies in the Bible concerning Christ have already been fulfilled. For the ones that have yet to be fulfilled, we can be confident that every word of them will be accomplished. The power from on high that Christ promised would come to the disciples once He ascended is the same power that is available for us to be clothed in today. The Holy Spirit is still at work in and through the lives of all those who believe in and follow Christ.

(50-53) The Ascension
Before, during, and after Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and even His resurrection, the disciples and some others who had followed Jesus, were depressed, uncertain, and perplexed. Some disbelieved that Christ had really risen from the dead until He appeared to them. Others were startled, frightened, troubled, and full of doubt regarding all that had happened to the one they believed to be the Messiah. But after witnessing Christ’s ascension, their faith became firm and secure. Their doubts disappeared and they were filled with great joy. They knew their Savior was alive and held power over death and Hell. No longer were they fearful and perplexed about the future. Such is the power of knowing and believing in a crucified, resurrected, and ascended Lord.

Favorite verse: (36) As they were talking about these things, Jesus himself stood among them, and said to them, “Peace to you!”


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