New Testament In a Year: May 13 – John 4:1-30


John 4:1-30
Jesus and the Woman of Samaria
After Jesus left Judea to go to Galilee, verse 4 of this passage says that “he had to pass through Samaria.” There were others routes to Galilee from Judea that did not go through Samaria, so why did Jesus have to pass through Samaria? He had to go because He had a divine appointment with the Samaritan woman. He knew that she was thirsty and in need of living water. Christ wanted to meet her need, so He made it His business to go though her town. He broke man-made barriers and crossed gender, ethnic, social, and religious divides in order to save this one soul. As a result of this one soul being saved, many more Samaritans came to Christ.

Favorite verse: (29) “Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?”


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