New Testament In a Year: May 19 – John 6:45-71


John 6:45-71
(45-59) I Am the Bread of Life
Jesus the Christ showed the ultimate love for us by giving of His own flesh. Whoever eats of His flesh and drinks of His blood by believing in Him will not die, but will live forever. We do not fully experience life until the source and giver of life resides in us.

(60-71) The Words of Eternal Life
For some, the teachings of Jesus can be difficult to understand and hard to accept, which is why we must ask for wisdom in comprehending them and faith in trusting them. Jesus did not give us His Word in order to offend us. His Word is spirit and life and truth, and He gave it to us so that we could believe it and be set free from sin, death, and lies. Disliking or failing to understand some parts of Scripture is not a good reason to no longer walk with Christ. Who else is there to follow? Does anyone else have the words of eternal life?

Favorite verse: (48) I am the bread of life.

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