New Testament In a Year: June 7 – John 18:1-18


John 18:1-18
(1-11) Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
Even above the accounts of Jesus’ arrest in the first three Gospels, this passage shows that Jesus’ life was not taken from Him. He willingly gave it up. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all used the term “seized” when they described Jesus being betrayed and arrested. But Jesus did not resist arrest or try to run away after Judas led the soldiers and officers to Him. Jesus did not hide behind His disciples. Instead, He came forward and asked, “Whom do you seek?” The soldiers told Him, and Jesus readily answered, “I am he.”

With this bold answer, verse 6 says “they drew back and fell to the ground.” Maybe they were shocked that Jesus did not shirk or try to evade them. He seemed ready, perhaps even earnest about going with them to the high priest. Jesus was not surprised with their actions. He knew all that would happen to Him, and was not afraid. Since His Father had not removed the cup from Him, He was willing to drink it.

Favorite verse: (11) So Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword into its sheath; shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?”

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