New Testament In a Year: June 12 – John 21


John 21
(15-19) Jesus and Peter
Peter denied Jesus the Christ three times. Now, he is asked three times by Jesus, “Do you love me?” Peter does not reply with his usual braggadocious self-assuredness. Aware of his earlier failure, Peter is no longer confident in his own knowledge. Instead, he responds by saying that Christ knows that he loves Him. In order to feed Christ’s sheep, Peter will need a great love for Him, His work, and His people. Christ warns Peter that he will die for his faith, but tells him to “Follow Me” anyway.

Our love for Christ should outweigh the risks, trials, and tribulations that often come with believing in Him.

(20-25) Jesus and the Beloved Apostle
Jesus the Christ has a unique purpose and plan for each of His followers. We are not to be concerned with what His plans are for others, like Peter was concerned about John. We are only to focus on finishing the race He has given us to run and completing the job(s) that He has given us to do. We are to focus on following Christ, not on whether or not others are following Him.

John wrote his Gospel in order to prove that the testimony and miraculous works of Jesus were true. But even with 66 books of the Bible and countless bookstores and libraries dedicated to Christian writings, the half has not yet been told of Jesus the Christ.

Favorite verse: (25) Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.


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